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The F/EAP has partnered with Work United, a Granite United Way program, to provide assistance to employees facing life challenges, which may be barriers to financial, health and/or employment stability.


Work United can help with:

  • financial concerns and budgeting
  • credit problems
  • housing
  • transportation
  • childcare
  • elder care
  • resources for sustaining employment
  • accessing a wide range of local and regional assistance programs.

The Work United Resource Coordinators spend time each week on the Dartmouth campus and at DHMC.  They can arrange to meet employees at preset sites, at the F/EAP office, or at an agreed upon location. 


For more information:

Employees on campus contact Prudence Pease at

Prudence.Pease@graniteuw.org or 603-361-3429


Dartmouth College employees at DHMC contact Angel Hudson at

Angel.Hudson@graniteuw.org or 603-657-0961


Visit the Work United website at: 



Work United is a Granite United Way program.

Granite United Way


Additional Services provided by the F/EAP

  • Referral resources (e.g., mental health providers, attorneys, financial planners, agencies, community programs).

  • Consultations for supervisors, administrators, department chairs,  concerning any topic that impacts the workplace.

  • Collaborating with departments on change management, organizational structure, and employees re-entering the work place after a leave of absence.

  • Crisis counseling and or intervention when tragedy affects an employee, personally or department/campus-related.

  • Coaching (identifying, attaining and maintaining goals).