Baker-Berry Current Exhibits

Collections Showcase: Original Etchings by American Artists

2018 Student Bookplate exhibit poster

Original Etchings by American Artists was published at a time in American history when the country was trying to establish an artistic identity and visual presence that could rival Europe’s. Sylvester Rosa Koehler, the first curator of prints at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and editor of this work, went on to be a curator of graphic arts at the Smithsonian and was also an editor and contributor to American Art Review. He commissioned all of the etchings included in the volume and he chose artists who were at the top of the 19th century American art scene.

Dartmouth’s copy of Original Etchings by American Artists can be viewed in Sherman Art Library by asking for NE2186 .K7 in Art Special. The volume can also be viewed online, as it was recently digitized by the Dartmouth Digital Library Program (DLP). The DLP promotes innovative research and teaching through the strategic digitization of Library collections and the open access publication of digital scholarship. Many of these prints from this volume can be viewed individually in museums around the country, and it is rare to find a complete volume today. Dartmouth’s print volume is, in fact, missing two prints, which have been generously provided for the online collection by the Smith College Museum of Art.

This exhibit is part of Collections Showcase, a series of occasional exhibits that highlight Dartmouth College Library’s collections. To suggest future exhibit topics contact Laura Barrett, Director of Library Education & Outreach. Text by Laura Graveline, Monica Erives, and Laura Barrett. Exhibit design by Dennis Grady, Library Education & Outreach.

Baker-Berry Library, Baker Main Hall: August 21 - November 23, 2018

The Montgomery Fellows Program at Dartmouth College 40th Anniversary

2018 Montgomery Fellows exhibit poster

For nearly four decades, the Montgomery Endowment, created by a gift from Kenneth ’25 and Harle Montgomery, has brought distinguished guests to campus to live, work, teach, and engage with the Dartmouth community. The Endowment’s mission is to bring outstanding luminaries from the academic world as well as from non-academic spheres to campus.

Over the past four decades, the Montgomery Endowment has hosted more than 230 distinguished fellows, many of whom came back a second or even a third time. During their residencies, the fellows visit classes, meet with faculty and students, and give public lectures.

The Montgomery Fellows Program has reached out across the disciplines and beyond academic life, installing on campus playwrights and film directors, novelists, musicians, scientists, politicians, and journalists. Designated lifelong “Montgomery Fellows,” these distinguished individuals are in Hanover for varying lengths of time, ranging from a few days up to a full term. During their incumbencies, the fellows and their families inhabit the Montgomery House, a comfortable and gracious residence adjacent to campus and overlooking Occom Pond.

Exhibit curated by Klaus Milich, Director of the Montgomery Fellows Program; designed by Dennis Grady, Library Education & Outreach.

Baker-Berry Library, Berry Main Street: July 26 - September 21, 2018