Baker-Berry Current Exhibits

On Solid Ground

2019 On Solid Ground exhibit poster Dartmouth seems so grounded in space, especially to a student here for four years seeing little change and plenty of indicators of stability. There is a sense of something solid, not static so much as stable. Old buildings and history around every corner create a sense that things don’t change, but that is far from the reality. Looked at over 250 years, the social, physical, and intellectual space is ever shifting. It welcomes some and excludes others. It creates security but also poses threats. It is bucolic, yet cosmopolitan. It is stable, but ever in flux.

There is something odd about a college campus with so few maps and signs scattered among the buildings. It assumes a sense of community, but it can also systematically exclude those outside of the community. This exhibit strives to provide a kind of map of campus—one that shows the spaces that make up Dartmouth, but one that also shakes the illusion of stability and questions who and how these spaces serve.

First in a series of exhibits celebrating Dartmouth’s 250th year. The Library will be offering several related projects throughout 2019, as well as an online version of each exhibit in the series.

On Solid Ground was curated by Jay Satterfield, Head of Special Collections, and Peter Carini, College Archivist; designed by Dennis Grady. Thanks to Laura Barrett and Joshua Dacey for editorial assistance, and to Deborah Howe and Lizzie Curran for installation support.

Baker Main Hall: January 2 - March 20, 2019

1968 - The World Turned Upside Down

1968 Exhibit poster

In this exhibit we mark the 50th anniversary some of the tumultuous events of 1968 as they unfolded across the globe:

China's Down to the Countryside Movement, Paris Mai '68, the Tlatelolco Massacre in Mexico, and the general political upheaval in the USA.

Exhibit curated by Jill Baron, Mark Bray, Dennis Grady, Jorge Quintana-Navarrete, Israel Reyes, and Nien Lin Xie; designed by Dennis Grady, Library Teaching & Learning.

Baker-Berry Library, Berry Main Street: October 18, 2018 - February 23, 2019