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Green Time 1776 - 1966

exhibit poster for Green Time exhibit

For 250 years, life at Dartmouth College has been accompanied by Green Time, a publicly communicated time by which students, faculty, staff, and even townspeople organized their lives. Dining, classes, religious events, athletic activities, to say nothing of social gatherings, personal meetings, or curfews all required public time. This exhibit explores how the College has kept and communicated this Green Time, via sundials, pocket watches, conch shell trumpets and tower clocks, bells and electrical regulation. And it suggests that Green Time did not always reign supreme, that other times might also intervene … from time to time

This exhibit was curated by Ryan Yong ’24 and Rich Kremer, Emeritus Professor of History.

Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 1, 5PM

Baker-Berry Library, Berry Level 4, Science Exhibits Case