Baker-Berry Current Exhibits

Winter 2022 Montgomery Fellows: A Celebration of Making

exhibit poster for MFP winter 2022 exhibit

"The question of what a good job looks like—of what sort of work is both secure and worthy of being honored—is more open now than it has been for a long time. Wall Street in particular has lost its luster as a destination for smart and ambitious young people. Out of the current confusion of ideals and confounding of career hopes, a calm recognition may yet emerge that productive labor is the foundation of all prosperity."
—Matthew B. Crawford, Shop Class as Soulcraft: 
An Inquiry into the Value of Work

Though published in 2009, Crawford's words ring just as true in the 
winter of 2022. The Montgomery Fellows Program invites you to look at the productive labor of three remarkable craftspeople and discover within their work—and within yourselves—a sense that shaping a world with one's hands brings value and purpose to all our lives.

This exhibit is offered in conjunction with the Montgomery Fellows Program winter term series, bringing metalsmith and sculptor Marilyn da Silva, ceramicist Diego Romero, and woodworker and furniture maker/designer Michael Hurwitz to Dartmouth for public lectures and interactions with the Hopkins Center Student Workshops.

For details visit The Montgomery Fellows website.

Exhibit curated by Jenny Swanson (director, Dartmouth’s ceramics workshop), Jeff Georgantes (director, Dartmouth’s jewelry workshop), Greg Elder (director, Dartmouth’s woodworking workshop), and Dennis Grady (Baker-Berry Exhibits designer). Designed by Dennis Grady.

Baker-Berry Library, Berry Main Street, January 3 – March 15, 2022

Welcome '25s!

exhibit poster for BLM exhibit

Dartmouth Library welcomes the Class of 2025 with an exhibit highlighting Library resources.

Visit the Library's Canvas site for 1st years.

Exhibit curated by Laura Barrett, Amelia Looby, and Susan Simon. Designed by Dennis Grady.

Photo with Ivy the Lab-rarian by Tom Remp.

Baker-Berry Library, Reiss Hall, August 12 - November 19, 2021