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Baker-Berry Current Exhibits

DAPAAA 25: Our History, Our Voices, Our Future

exhibit poster for DAPAAA-25

Dartmouth Asian Pacific American Alumni Association at 25

In this exhibit commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Dartmouth Asian Pacific American Alumni Association (DAPAAA), we unearth and celebrate the stories, achievements, and contributions of students, alumni, and faculty at Dartmouth and beyond. Throughout history, the AANHPI community has been influenced by US immigration policies, politics, and wars. As volunteer alumni, we humbly acknowledge that this exhibit leaves out many stories and perspectives due to the biases and limitations of documented data and accessible information in Dartmouth's historical archives.

Exhibit curated and written by Julie Hubble ‘87, Kim Sheu ‘07, Jenn Paik ‘12, John Sun ‘97, Belinda Chiu ‘98, Stephanie Westnedge ‘92, Lorraine Liu ‘22, and Mark Tao ‘23. Special thanks to Head of Teaching & Learning Laura Barrett, Archivist Peter Carini, and Digital Library Fellow Daniel Lin ‘23. Exhibit design by Dennis Grady.

The online version of the exhibit was created by Digital Library Fellow Daniel Lin ‘23.

For more information about DAPAAA visit dartgo.org/dapaaa-25

Baker-Berry Library, Reiss Hall, June 4 – August 10, 2024


The Annual Student Library Service Bookplate Exhibit: Class of 2024

exhibit poster for 2024 student bookplate exhibit

The Student Library Service Bookplate Program honors the Library's graduating student employees by inviting them to choose books and other items for the Library's collections. Each item receives a bookplate that acknowledges the student's selection and honors their service to the Library. Students are eligible if they worked at least two terms in any Library department including the Writing Center.

The Library is honoring twenty-seven students from the class of 2024 with selections ranging from fiction, non-fiction, poetry, inspirational works, and historical scholarship.

Participating students: Maria P. Amador • Eric J. Bae • Bronwyn Bird• Sophia Maryam Bokaie • Arturo F. Serrano Borrero• Loki Chairez • Shandu Chiuswa • Heather L. Damia • Teani Kristina Kawaipuhilani DeFries • Lauren N. Houchens • Bansharee Ireen • Michael Lapointe • Tevita Moimoi Jr. • Chloe S. Park • Alexandra Salyer • Anay Saraf • Nina Sophia Sloan • Sophie Squires Williams

Exhibit curated and designed by Dennis Grady, Library Teaching & Learning. Photography by Sarah Storms, Jones Memorial Digital Media Fellow.
Many thanks to Lydia Elias, Library Services Specialist; Lori Heath, Acquisitions Processing Specialist; and Jamie Dalton, Preservation and Project Management Assistant; and to the students who volunteered to participate in this exhibit.

Baker-Berry Library, Berry Main Street, June 1 – August 2, 2024