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Blacks @ Dartmouth, 1828 to 1960 - Celebrating a Legacy on the 50th Anniversary of the Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association

exhibit poster for BADA 50th exhibit

In the nineteenth century, forty Black men entered Dartmouth to gain a classical education and to learn the practice of medicine. Another 140 followed in the first half of the twentieth century. In their stories, we find early examples of Black Americans’ passion for education. Dartmouth encouraged their aspirations four decades ahead of the other colleges later known as the Ivy League. To credit Dartmouth with having “thrown open its doors to the colored man,” as was once said, would be generous given the small numbers who were able to breach racial barriers and century-long Jim Crow norms. But in its isolation and self-governance, Dartmouth did establish a notable legacy of educating America’s first Black collegians. In this exhibit, we present highlights of their story. A fuller version is available on a companion website.

Be sure to visit the companion exhibition, Finding Community: The Life of Edward Mitchell 1828 in Rauner Special Collections Library's Class of 1965 Galleries from April 8, 2022, until June 17, 2022.

This exhibit was sponsored by the Class of 1968 and curated by Forrester “Woody” Lee ’68, with assistance from John Pfeiffer ’68, Christian Dawkins ’22, and Eileen Cave ’76. The project was overseen by Jay Satterfield, Head of Special Collections and Laura Barret, Head of Teaching and Learning, with input from Professors Deborah King and Monica Ndounou, and the Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association. Generous donations were received from Natalie Boll and Steve Casey. Exhibit design by Dennis Grady.

Baker-Berry Library, Reiss Hall, April 25 – August 16, 2022

File Under Easy Listening

exhibit poster for file under easy listening

file under easy listening is an exhibit in which eighteen courageous Dartmouth Library staff reveal their musical preferences and recommend music you can check out from the Jones Media Center collection.

With contributions from Daniel Abosso, Laura Barrett, Wes Benash, Laura Braunstein, Jentry Campbell, Wendel Cox, Lizzie Curran, John DeSantis, Dennis Grady, Caro Langenbucher, Lora Leligdon, Este Pope, Jay Satterfield, Sarah Smith, Barbara Sterling, Penny Stevenson, Sarah Thompson, and Eric Ticehurst.

Curated and designed by Dennis Grady.

Baker-Berry Library, Berry Main Street, May 2 – June 3, 2022

Poster image: “The noise instrument laboratory in Milan, Luigi Russolo on the left, Ugo Piatti on the right.” From Luigi Russolo, L’Arte dei Rumori. Milan, Edizioni Futuriste Di “Poesia,” 1916.