Portuguese Studies (Language, Literature and Culture)



The selection of materials in the Portuguese language aims to support the study of Portuguese within the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. The Lusophone collection reflects the coverage of language, literature, culture and civilization in the Lusophone world, with a particular emphasis on Brazil. In breadth and depth, collecting is consistent with the teaching and research activities of the program in Portuguese of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. 



The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers the following options for the dedicated study of Portuguese: language courses for those seeking to fulfill the language requirement, a minor in Lusophone Studies, a major in Romance languages, or a modified major in Lusophone Studies. The emphasis of instruction is on contemporary Brazilian culture, as expressed through music, film and literature. Support of faculty research requires the purchase of primary and secondary materials in all periods and areas.  The department has two full-time faculty members and offers six courses per year in the study of Portuguese.



Appropriate materials are found in the Library of Congress classifications:
PC - Portuguese Language
PQ - Portuguese Literature

Pre-1964 acquisitions are classified in the 850's of the Dewey Decimal System for Portuguese letters and the 889's for Brazilian. Much important material in support of Portuguese civilization is part of the Anthropology and History collections.



In addition to Portuguese language materials published in Brazil and Portugal, translations into English of Portuguese language materials emanating from Africa are selectively acquired. Secondary works of history and criticism are collected in English and in other western European languages. Translations into English of the works of major Brazilian and Portuguese authors are consistently acquired.



While an effort is made to acquire materials from throughout the Lusophone world, particular emphasis is placed on Brazil and Portugal.



The collection consists of monographic materials and the standard serials publications in literature, philology and culture, including a representative number of academy, institutional, and university publications. The Library collects in all genres, endeavoring to keep up with current prose and poetry likely to have a lasting place in literature.  At the same time, care is taken to also collect some more popular materials for the purpose of instruction, as well as less mainstream materials that enhance the "bibliodiversity" of the collection, by focusing on the publishing output of independent publishers.  The Dartmouth College Libraries boast a particularly strong collection of Brazilian film on DVD, pursuant to the teaching and research activities of its faculty. In addition, Dartmouth participates in a collaborative collection development agreement with Borrow Direct partner libraries, which aims to develop a better collective coverage of regional Brazilian monograph publishing.  For this agreement, Dartmouth has promised to acquire materials from the state of Rio Grande do Sul.



While many materials acquired are in print format, the strength of the Portuguese-language collection is in the depth and breadth of the film collection (in DVD).  Some material in Portuguese is available electronically, through subscriptions to online databases of journals and ebooks, principally Digitalia.


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