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Collection Development and Acquisitions Services

Acquisitions Services mission is to provide exceptional support services for all collection development activities through prudent stewardship of the materials budget and strong working relations with our customers, colleagues and business partners.

To fulfill our mission, Acquisitions strives to:

  • Employ good accounting principles, maintain accurate records and effectively manage the materials budget and the financial information in Alma
  • Provide accurate statistical, budget and other management reports
  • Periodically review policies and procedures to ensure effective and efficient services
  • Develop strong working relationships with vendors, publishers, consortia and alumni
  • Maintain strong cross-departmental working relationships with colleagues
  • Seek out new technologies in support of our work
  • Maintain a commitment to staff development & training

General Areas of Operations Managed by Acquisitions:

  • Library resources budget management for all libraries
  • Purchase, activation/receipt of library collection materials
  • Approval plans, continuations, subscriptions and memberships
  • Digital resources trials, license, lease, access and site administration
  • Alumni Memorial Books Program (AMBF) and Non-Memorial Gift Books Program
  • National statistical, budget and other management reports