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Collection Development Forum

The Collection Development Forum (CD Forum) is an open information and discussion forum for all staff and librarians interested in collections issues of all kinds. The goal of the Forum is to provide a means for regular sharing of information, through a mix of discussion and informational presentations. It provides an opportunity for education and orientation for bibliographers, and a way to bring up new policies, procedures, issues, and discuss hot topics and broad trends in collections system-wide.

CD Forum meets monthly for an hour, which includes one or two formal program items, announcements and discussion, followed by a half hour optional time for a demonstration and discussion of new items in the collection or digital information resources and tools.
Collection Development Forum meetings are open to all staff and librarians interested in collections issues. Elizabeth Kirk, Associate Director for Information Resources, facilitates the CD Forum.

The agenda committee membership rotates periodically, and develops agendas based on input from staff and in close collaboration with the CMPG (Collection Management and Planning Committee). Agenda committee members usually take minutes.


Minutes (Dartmouth Library Staff Only)