Japanese Studies

  1. General Scope
    1. Audience
      Japanese studies is part of the Asian Studies Program. Within the Asian Studies major, a Japanese Language and Culture Program is offered. Each prospective major must complete at least one advanced seminar or research course. Language and literature courses are offered by the program, while most courses in other areas are offered by the respective subject departments. The program also offers a study abroad program based at Kanda University of International Studies, on the outskirts of Tokyo. Library materials are acquired to support the traditional subjects as well as the aspects which fall within the Japanese Language and Culture Program.
      The collection supports the undergraduate instructional program and basic faculty research needs. Emphasis is on literature, history and social-political aspects of Japanese culture, although literature and history are the strongest holdings. The objective is to build a vernacular collection which supports the basic curricular and research needs of the program.
    2. Boundaries
      The majority of the collection falls within the DS (history) and PL (language and literature) classifications and housed in the Japanese Collection in Baker Library. Most other vernacular materials are housed in this collection as well, the major exception being art and architecture (N classification) which is located in the Sherman Art Library.
  2. Specific Delimitations to collecting in this subject area
    1. Languages
    2. Geographical Areas (if applicable)
    3. Types of Materials Collected
      Monographs, serials, reference sources, popular periodicals. Major newspapers and articles are collected in electronic databases.
    4. Format of Materials Collected
      Print materials, databases, scrolls and DVDs.
  3. Revision History
    1. John James, late 80's
    2. Policy revised by Nien Lin Xie
    3. Current selector: nien.lin.xie@dartmouth.edu