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The Dartmouth College-American University of Kuwait Program
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Congratulations on 11 years as Ruler of the State of Kuwait to Sheikh Sabah IV Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah GCB, the 15th Ruler and the 5th Emir of Kuwait and the commander of the Military of Kuwait.

Congratulations to the Government and people of Kuwait on the 56th anniversary of their independence and the 26th anniversary of liberation.

The AUK-Dartmouth Student Internship Program - A Decade of Success and BeyondA decade of success and beyond

Find out how the reciprocal internships that AUK and Dartmouth alumni experienced as undergraduates influenced what they are doing now. Click here to open the booklet.


An AUK Faculty Member Sharpens Her Focus

Quechee Gorge Vermont June 2017Interview with the 2017 AUK Faculty Fellow, Dr. Inas Mahfouz, about her research in linguistics.

What got you interested in linguistics?
     As an undergraduate, several linguistics courses ignited my passion about language and its analysis. I took a course on phonology and pondered over the systems of sounds in language. As a multilingual person, I compared how sounds are combined in Arabic, my native tongue, and English, my second language. Courses in morphology and syntax further excited my curiosity about linguistic analysis, as did courses in pragmatics and discourse analysis. The magic of language and how the meaning of the same utterance can change from one context to another intrigued me. A simple sentence like "This room is very hot!" can be interpreted as a statement of fact or an implicit request to open the window depending on the relationship between the two speakers and the context in which they interact.

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Last Updated: 1/3/18