Dartmouth and AUK Celebrate 20 Years of Friendship

Dartmouth and AUK extend partnership agreement at March 15th ceremony in Hanover. Read more here.

Immersive Experiences

Each summer, up to six AUK students study or intern on Dartmouth’s campus, while an equal number of Dartmouth students travel to Kuwait in the Fall or Spring.

Meaningful Student Interactions

Reciprocity is a distinctive feature of the Dartmouth-AUK partnership. Dartmouth students have the opportunity to meet AUK students on campus before they travel to Kuwait. 

American University Of Kuwait (AUK)

The American University of Kuwait (AUK) is an independent, private, coeducational liberal arts institution and where Dartmouth students study when participating in the AUK Program.

Dr. Mounib Khanafer speaks with AUK exchange students in his Dartmouth office in Summer 2022.


Learn about the two programs available to students: leave-term internships and the exchange program.

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