Eligibility & Cost

Eligibility to Apply

Dartmouth undergraduates can apply for either the internship or the for-credit exchange program as early as their first year at Dartmouth, for travel as early as their second year.  It is up to the student to determine the optimal time for participation (generally sophomore or junior year).

The application process for 2024-2025 opportunities (for both programs) is now open. The application deadline is February 1, 2024.  Applications for the For-Credit exchange are handled through the Guarini Institute. Internship applications are handled by the Dartmouth-AUK Program Office.


Internships are a funded opportunity, and students receive a stipend of $4000 to help offset travel costs (airfare, in-country transportation, meals, etc.). Lodging is also provided by AUK.

For the for-credit exchange, students cover all costs (Dartmouth tuition, airfare, in-country expenses, etc.) with the exception of lodging, which AUK typically provides. 

Living Arrangements

Students participating in both programs are provided with a fully furnished apartment within easy walking distance of the University. Once accepted into the program they will receive more information.

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