Mission & History

AUK Signing Ceremony 2023

The Dartmouth-AUK relationship facilitates cross-cultural collaborations between faculty, students, and staff at both universities.

About the Program

Dartmouth and the American University of Kuwait (AUK) have a special relationship. The two schools signed an agreement in 2003 that facilitated a series of advisory, consultative, and cooperative projects. The agreement has been renewed four times since then (in 2008, 2013, 2018, and most recently in March 2023), reflecting the two institutions’ commitment to sustain superb liberal arts education and foster cross-cultural collaborations between students, faculty, and staff at both universities.

Program Activities

Collaborative Projects

Faculty and staff from the two schools collaborate across disciplines on a variety of academic and administrative advisory projects, working together on site as well as virtually to share expertise in areas mutual interest and importance.  

Student Exchanges

Students from both schools have the opportunity to participate in either a cross-cultural internship program or a for-credit exchange program.  

Faculty Fellowship Program

Brings a promising AUK faculty member to Dartmouth each summer to engage in research and establish connections with other scholars. 

Program Statistics

  • 44 Dartmouth students intern at AUK
  • 61 student interns at Dartmouth
  • 5 Dartmouth exchange students to AUK
  • 4 AUK exchange students to Dartmouth
  • 14 AUK Faculty Fellows at Dartmouth
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