Collaborate with AUK Faculty

AUK’s Amro Nour collaborates with Thayer’s Fridon Shubitidze

AUK’s Amro Nour collaborates with Thayer’s Fridon Shubitidze.

Interested in welcoming an AUK Faculty Fellow? 

To apply for the Fellowship, AUK faculty require a letter of support from a Dartmouth host/collaborator. Applicants typically reach out to Dartmouth counterparts in the fall.

Once selected, the Dartmouth-AUK program assists with all the logistics. Lodging costs are covered and are organized by the Dartmouth-AUK program.

Contact us to learn more.

Learn about when Amro Nour, an electrical engineering professor at the American University of Kuwait (AUK), came to Dartmouth to join engineering professor Fridon Shubitidze, the goal was simple: To save lives through collaboration on two separate research projects.

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