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Student Report Guide

Students may access course assessment data which includes responses to three student-initiated questions. Faculty members choose whether to "opt-in" to allow students to view their course assessment responses. They also choose which term to begin allowing their responses to be viewable, up to 5 years back.  Therefore not all Dartmouth courses have course assessment data available to students.

This guide will lead you through the steps to access course assessment student reports.

FAQ - Student Report Guide


Step 1: Log in to DartHub using your Dartmouth Net ID and Password. Then, click on the "Course Assessment Portal" link.

CA portal link

Step 2: You will automatically be redirected to the course assessment portal.

The course assessment portal contains up to five (5) years of course data from participating faculty members. The portal allows you to navigate to the various course assessment student reports.

course assessment portal


Navigating the Portal

The Course assessment portal has the following following components:

  • Use the Keyword Search to search by subject, course number, title, or instructor.

keyword search

timetable & ORC links

  • Course Description Information:
    • Course titles are linked to their course description.
  • The course assessment portal has icons to three types of reports:
    • [C] “Course”: data on a course that includes all faculty members who have opted in.

CA Student Course Report

    • [F] “Faculty”: data on a faculty member that includes courses taught since the date the faculty member opted in.

CA faculty report

    • [X] “Intersection”: data on a course taught by a specific faculty member.

CA intersection report

Step 3: After identifying your desired course or instructor, click on one of the three icons on the course assessment portal to access course assessment student reports.  To view samples of each report, click on the links below:


Last Updated: 10/4/18