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FAQ - Student Report Guide


How do I access course assessment student reports?
  • Log to DartHub.
  • Click on the Course Assessment Portal link.
  • Search for your desired course using the filter option at the top right hand side of the page and click on one of the following to see the reports: [C] "Course", [F] "Faculty", or [X] "Intersection".
What browsers are supported?
All browsers are supported, however, IE is the slowest.

What kind of devices can I use to view reports?
Operating Systems such as Mac OS X or PCs are supported. There is a mobile view on the course reports for your smartphones and tablets.

Can I add questions to the student comments section?
The three questions in the student comment questions were developed by the Student Assembly Academic Affairs Committee and voted on by the A&S undergraduate faculty. In order to add or edit questions, they would need to go through a similar process.

Why can't I see any student comments for the course, faculty, or course/faculty report?
Comments were collected starting 2015 summer term; therefore, only courses taught since summer 2015 will include the new student comments.
Can faculty members see the same reports that students see?
No, the student reports are different from faculty reports.

What are the icons next to each course mean?
The icons are links to three types of reports:
  • [C] “Course”: data on the course that includes all faculty members who have opted in.
  • [F] “Faculty”: data on the faculty member that includes courses taught since the date the faculty member opted in.
  • [X] “Intersection”: data on a course taught by a specific faculty member.

Why are only certain courses listed on the course assessment portal ?
The course assessment portal contains up to five (5) years of data from participating faculty members (those who have opted-in).  Faculty members may choose which term to begin showing their course assessment data, therefore in some cases less than five years may be viewed.
How may I view the distributives and/or world culture attributed for courses?
Courses distributives and/or world culture requirements may vary from year to year while the course assessment portal is cumulative up to 5 years; therefore, the course assessment portal has a link to the current timetable which provides the most up-to-date information. 
Does the course assessment portal contain all faculty members' course assessment data?
Faculty members choose whether to "opt-in" to allow students to view their course assessment responses, therefore not all Dartmouth courses will have course assessment data available to students.

What data is available on the course assessment student reports?
Student course assessment reports are divided into three sections:
  • Quantitative Results by Response -
  • Mean Details -
  • Student Comments -
What is the "question mean" on the course assessment student reports?
The "question mean" is the "average" score for each question. This is on a scale of 1-5 where five is the highest. It is calculated by adding up all the numeric scores and then divided by the number of students who answered that question.

Last Updated: 10/4/18