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Dartmouth Digital Collections: Photographs & Posters

The thousands of photographs and posters in these collections range from contemporary snapshots of Dartmouth's campus to records of Vilhjalmur Stefansson's Arctic expedition to pictures of volcanoes in Central America.

Appalachian Trail from the Photo Files

Dartmouth Photographic Files.


Photos of life at Dartmouth College from various sources, including scenes of campus grounds, facilities, people, and events (including sports teams, student organizations, and Commencement).

Aerial View of Campus

Dartmouth Photographic Records.


Photos of life at Dartmouth College created by College Photographers Adrian N. Bouchard (1938-1976); Stuart Bratesman (1985-1993); Joseph Mehling (1993-2011); and Eli Burakian (2011-present).

Winter Carnival Poster 2011

Dartmouth Winter Carnival Posters.


The real and legendary images and perceptions of Dartmouth's Winter Carnival have become linked in imagination and memory during the past century. This collection contains digital images of each known Dartmouth Winter Carnival poster.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson Dragging a Seal

The Stefansson Collection of Arctic Photographs, Images.


Over 1,200 black and white images primarily from the Canadian Arctic Expedition (1913-1918), and 700 lantern slides (some hand-colored). For more Stefansson materials, please see The Encyclopedia Arctica.

Volcano from the Stoiber Slides

Richard E. Stoiber Collection, 12,000 color slides.

Early 1970s.

Richard E. Stoiber '32 (1911-2001) was a professor of geology and a volcanologist at Dartmouth College (1935-1989). Available here are 12,000 color slides, mostly from field trips to Central American volcanoes.

'Introduction to Arab Culture' class

The Vox Images.


The Vox images are a set of digital photographs created for the print publication titled Vox of Dartmouth between 2006 and 2007 that began publication in 1983.

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