The Vilhjalmur Stefansson Collection of Arctic Photographs
from the Stefansson Papers (1902-1962)

1,284 images (1906-1918)
713 lantern slides (1906-1918)

Lantern slide

About the Collection

Vilhjalmur Stefansson was an Arctic explorer, promoter, and teacher who made expeditions above the Arctic Circle between 1906 and 1918. Documentation from these explorations including diaries, notes, scientific experiments, letters, and photographs [see finding aid for the Stefansson Papers]. The Stefansson collection of photographs consists of over 1,200 black and white images primarily from the Canadian Arctic Expedition (1913-1918). Images dating between 1913 and 1916 were taken by C.A.E. photographer Sir George Hubert Wilkins. A descriptive finding aid is also available for the photographs. Stefansson also lectured internationally on the subject of Arctic exploration and culture, using this collection of over 700 lantern slides to illustrate his lectures. Included are images of flora and fauna, landscapes, ice formations, boats, indigenous housing, clothing, hunting and fishing practices, as well as many individuals. In addition, there are some slides from Stefansson's 1923 trip to Australia and French Polynesia, and images of Stefansson teaching in Dartmouth College's Northern Studies Program. A full descriptive finding aid is also available for the lantern slides.

For more information, see Josh Hilliard's Arctic Images: Portraying a "Friendly Arctic."

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