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Rauner Library Reference


  1. General Scope
    This section defines the general priorities governing selection. Include the following:
    1. Audience
      Rauner Library collects secondary source publications to support researchers in the use of primary materials in Special Collections on a highly selective basis. Reference works are provided to assist students, faculty, staff and outside researchers as well as Rauner staff using the Rare Books, Manuscripts and Archival collections in Rauner. 
    2. Boundaries
      The collections subject boundaries are dictated by the rare book, manuscript and archival collections they support including:
      --Dartmouth College history
      --The Arctic and polar exploration
      --The history of printing and book making
      --Local and regional history
      --Works related to or about individuals whose papers are held by Rauner 
    3. Partnerships
  2. Specific Delimitations to collecting in this subject area
    1. Languages
      Primarily English.
    2. Geographical Areas (if applicable)
      No geographical boundaries apply.
    3. Types of Materials Collected
      Monographs and serials.
    4. Format of Materials Collected
      Primarily printed materials.
    5. Collective Collections
  3. Revision History
    In reverse chronological order, indicate