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2003-2004 Council on the Libraries

Schedule of Meetings and Agendas


2003-2004 Academic Year

June 2004
Approval of Minutes
Update on Librarian Search
Update on FY05 budget
Scholarly Communications Presentation III (Powerpoint)

May 2004
Approval of Minutes
Update on the search for the Dean of Libraries/Librarian of the College
Update on Education Programs, including RWIT
Scholarly Communications Presentation II (Powerpoint)

April 2004
Approval of Minutes
Food policy
Update on Librarian and Special Collections searches
Update on LibQUAL+ and DCAL (Cyndy Pawlek)
Scholarly Communications Presentation I (Powerpoint)

March 2004
Meeting cancelled.

February 2004
Update on Librarian Search (Cottingham)
Update on Special Collections Search (Crane & Rutter)
LIBQUAL Survey in April 2004 (Pawlek)
Student Access to Study Space in Baker/Berry (Taxman)
Digital Library: DartDoc and the Online Catalog (Taxman & Fontaine)

January 12, 2004
Approval of Minutes (Cottingham)
SE Baker renovation (Lucier)
Draft Budget for Public Computer Replacement in Library (Lucier)
Special Collections Librarian Search: Update (Rutter)
Librarian of the College Search: Update (Cottingham)

December 4, 2003
(Joint meeting: Council on Computing & Council on the Libraries)

Approval of minutes for each Council
Report on Baker/Berry Computer Clusters (Malcolm Brown, Cyndy Pawlek, Rick Barton)
Electronic Reserves, Blackboard, and Copyright Issues (Jennifer Taxman, Susan Fliss, Malcolm Brown)
Brief Research, Writing, and Information Technology (RWIT) program update (Susan Fliss and Malcolm Brown)

November 5, 2003
Approval of Minutes from previous meeting
Brief Update on Librarian Search (Scherr)
CoL Communication
Message to faculty (Cottingham)
Meeting with 'D' (Carey)
Library Issues in Support of Teaching and Learning (Lucier)
E-reserves: Brief Update; Copyright Issues and Solutions (Guest: Jennifer Taxman)
Baker-Berry Space Re-designs including Jones Media Center; Informatics Learning and Research Program in Berry; and SE Baker for DCAL; Review of DCAL by Jerry Rutter (Guests: Mike Beahan and Susan Fliss)
Brief field trip to JMC, Berry 3, SE Baker

October 13, 2003
Introduction of members
Communication to Faculty at Large/CoL Web Site
Financial resources
Library space
Future agenda items