Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Action Plan

The Dartmouth Investment Office embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values in support of Dartmouth’s mission. We recognize that strong diversity and inclusion practices are valuable attributes for any investment team and process. This applies not only to the work we do in the Investment Office but also more broadly across the investment management industry. To promote improvement within our own organization as well as within the industry, we are committing to the following Action Plan and Guiding Principles.

Key Organizational Initiatives:

  • Staff training program: provide DEI educational resources, bias training, recruitment and retention training, and an array of other programs over time
  • Hiring protocol: mandate ensures hiring searches are inclusive and broad reaching
  • Student programs: provide Dartmouth undergraduate students, largely recruited through outreach to underrepresented groups, with opportunities to learn about investing and endowment management through DCIO’s annual Summer Endowment Fellowship and Winter Internship programs
  • DCIO DEI webpage: communicate and report on DCIO’s commitment to seeing the improvement of diversity characteristics of our portfolio and of the investment management industry
  • Service providers: engage with key service providers to ensure all reaches of the endowment are committed to improving diversity in the industry


Key Portfolio Initiatives:

  • Survey: monitor progress over time on diversity characteristics of portfolio investments through a survey sent to all DCIO managers. To be repeated at future intervals, current survey results can be found here
  • Investment pipeline: source diverse-led managers by building internal databases, screening third-party databases, attending diversity-focused industry events, and more. DCIO tracks the pipeline of managers/meetings to ensure our funnel is broadened where possible
  • Manager communication: express the College’s and the Investment Office’s dedication to DEI in conversations with managers. Incorporate DEI conversations specifically into our upfront diligence and ongoing monitoring
  • Engagement: work with investment firms to better understand their thinking.  Brainstorm about ideas to promote diversity
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