Intra-Campus Mail

Services Provided

Official inter-departmental correspondence is picked up and delivered once daily, primarily at central pickup and drop points within each building or complex. Intra-campus envelopes should be used for easy identification and mailing. The content of all intra-campus correspondence must concern College business between departments and/or personnel and/or students.

Any external mail to or from faculty and staff must be address to a specific building or street address.  If an HB is used, the mail will be delivered to Hinman and have to be redirected, with delay.

Mail Needing Postage

For mail that needs to have postage applied, each department should have on-hand a metering scan card which contains a unique barcode which represents the departments GL or PTAEO chart string.

This scan card should be included with any outgoing mail, and will be returned to the department after the charge is made.

If you do not have a scan card or need additional cards, please email

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