2020-2021 Academic Year Hours

Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-4:00 pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday

Hopkins Center Spring Summer

Mailing Addresses

Hinman boxes have specific mailing address structures.

Important Mail & Package Pickup Update

During Spring term only students in residence can send or receive packages. If you are not in residence, your package will be returned to sender.

If you are expecting mail or packages, you will receive an email through our distribution system within 24 hours of arrival.

An employee sorts mail.

Intra Campus Mail

Official inter-departmental correspondence is picked up and delivered once daily.

Sending & Receiving Packages

Learn about how to ship and receive packages.

A student picks up a package from the Hinman window.

Shipping Station

The package shipping services window is located at the end of the north hallway of Hinman Mail boxes, just around the corner from the regular mail window.



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