Forwarding Mail

A student picks up a package at the Hinman Mail window.

Leaving Campus

Students who leave Dartmouth or the Hanover campus for a term must forward their mail to their new address.

In the Banner system, please change your address and activate the forwarding address. When Hinman boxes are closed for a term, Hinman Mail personnel will use the Banner system to acquire the appropriate forwarding address.

How to enter a forwarding address

Go to the Undergraduate Student Banner menu page, click on the address/contact information tab. Once you are on address/contact information page please click on the create a forwarding address tab (you may have to scroll down to see this tab). Follow the instruction on the top of this page. Please be sure to enter a forwarding address, if there is no forwarding information available we will return to sender any packages or mail.


Upon graduation, your mail will be forwarded for 30 days.  The United States Postal Service will forward UNOPENED first class mail to anywhere in the world without requiring additional postage.

Magazines and standard mail cannot be forwarded.  Please notify your magazine subscribers of a change in address to continue uninterrupted receipt of publications.

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