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CBB talk series

The Cognitive Brown Bag (CBB) is a graduate student organized talk series, primarily attended by the faculty, graduate students, and staff from the cognitive labs at Dartmouth College. A list of past CBB talks can be found here.

The 2023-2024 talk series is organized by Yong Hoon Chung (Stoermer Lab), Clara Sava-Segal (Finn Lab), and Jae Hyung Woo (Soltani Lab).

Summer 2024

Date Speaker Title Abstract
Tuesday, July 23      
  Mijin Kwon (Dartmouth College) Domain-general and selective representations of pain, appetitive processes, aversive processes, and cognitive control in the insula The insular cortex has been hypothesized as an integrative hub while also containing specialized areas, such as the pain-processing posterior zone exhibiting significant functional specificity. This study investigates functional integration and modular specialization in the human insular cortex using multi-study fMRI data (N = 540 participant-level maps; 36 studies) across four functional domains: pain, appetitive processes, aversive processes, and cognitive control. We address two key questions: 1) Are there discrete functionally selective zones alongside a domain-general hub? 2) What microscale and macroscale functional anatomical features enable this complex organization? Our findings reveal domain-selective zones for pain (mid-posterior), appetitive processes (mid), aversive processes (ventral anterior), and cognitive control (dorsal anterior/mid insula), as well as a domain-general hub in the dorsal anterior insula. These zones exhibit distinct patterns in coactivation with other brain regions, functional decoding, cytoarchitectonic mapping, and neurotransmitter receptor density profiles. During the presentation, I will discuss these results and seek feedback for the current manuscript revision.