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CBB talk series

The Cognitive Brown Bag (CBB) is a graduate student organized talk series, primarily attended by the faculty, graduate students, and staff from the cognitive labs at Dartmouth College. A list of past CBB talks can be found here.

The 2023-2024 talk series is organized by Yong Hoon Chung (Stoermer Lab), Clara Sava-Segal (Finn Lab), and Jae Hyung Woo (Soltani Lab).

Spring 2024

Date Speaker Title
Tuesday, April 30 Stefano Anzellotti (Boston College) The functional roles of the ventral and lateral streams in social perception Our ability to recognize the people around us and the actions they are doing is essential to support social interactions. In the brain, the visual perception of faces and bodies is organized into a ventral stream and a lateral stream. What are the functional roles of these two streams? I will discuss a series of studies that investigate this question by comparing neural representations measured with fMRI and intracortical EEG to the representations in deep neural network models. The studies investigate the contributions of ventral and lateral temporal regions to the representation of invariant and changeable properties and of static and dynamic information, compare neural responses to representations acquired with different learning mechanisms, and examine the involvement of ventral and lateral regions in the combined processing of visual and auditory inputs.
Tuesday, May 7      
  Xinming Xu (Dartmouth College)    
Tuesday, May 14      
  Bogdan Petre (Dartmouth College)    
  Mijin Kwon (Dartmouth College)    
Tuesday, May 28      
  Yeo Bi Choi (Dartmouth College)    
  Clara Sava-Segal (Dartmouth College)    
Tuesday, June 4      
  Yeongji Lee (Dartmouth College)    
  Paxton Fitzpatrick (Dartmouth College)