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Jim Haxby

James Haxby


Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center

James Haxby is the Evans Family Distinguished Professor and the Director of both the Cognitive Neuroscience Center and the Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center. 

James Haxby has been engaged in cognitive neuroscience research using functional brain imaging since the 1980s. His more recent work has focused on neural decoding using multivariate pattern analysis. He has been the director of the CCN since 2008.

Haxby lab website


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Yaroslav Halchenko

Yaroslav Halchenko

Research Assistant Professor

Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

(lab webpage) (NeuroDebian) (PyMVPA) (Center for Open Neuroscience)

 courtney rogers

Courtney Rogers

Associate Director for Operations and Outreach

Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, The Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center, Center for Social Brain Sciences, and the Dartmouth Autism Research Initiative