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Talks at the 2011 workshop

Population coding of high-level representations


In alphabetical order of speakers

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Charles Cadieu, University of California Berkeley

Learning intermediate-level representations of form and motion from natural movies


Ed Connor, Johns Hopkins University

Neural coding of object structure in the ventral visual pathway


Jim DiCarlo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Untangling object recognition: Which neuronal population codes can explain human object recognition performance?


Jim Haxby, Dartmouth

Building common, high-dimensional models of neural representational spaces


Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, MRC Cognitive Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK

Representational similarity analysis of visual-object population codes


Tom Mitchell, Carnegie Mellon University

What neural activity encodes about stimuli, where and when


Alice O'Toole, University of Texas Dallas

Understanding neural representation of facial identity, race, and viewpoint: Constraining the neural with the perceptual


Tomaso Poggio, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The computational magic of the ventral stream: Towards a theory


Eero Simoncelli, New York University

Metamers of the ventral stream