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Past CBB talks

Academic year 2021-2022

Spring 2022

3/28: YB Choi (Dartmouth College) - "The transition from “cyclopean” image to rivalrous percept"

4/4: Biyu He (NYU) - "Predictive mechanisms in perception"

4/18: Anna Mynick (Dartmouth College) - "Memory-based predictions across head-turns in naturalistic scene perception"

5/2: Mert Ozkan (Dartmouth College) - "The spotlight of multifocal attention: Split or spread?" & Heejung Jung (Dartmouth College) - "Neural representation of expectations on somatic pain, vicarious pain, and cognitive effort"

5/23: AJ Haskins (Dartmouth College) - " “Semantic Fingerprints”: Patterns of visual information-seeking are reliable and individuating" & Mary Kieseler (Dartmouth College) - "Nell - A case of hyperfamiliarity for faces"

6/6: Sharif Saleki (Dartmouth College) - "Saccadic localization of illusory position"

Winter 2022

1/31: Doug Addleman (Dartmouth College) - "Enhancement and suppression of visual features by selective attention: Differential effects of voluntary and learned attention"

2/7: Rachel Denison (Boston University) - "Attending across time"

3/7: Angela Radulescu (NYU) - "Towards naturalistic reinforcement learning in health and disease "

3/14: Megan Hillis (Dartmouth College) - "Overlapping semantic representations of sign and speech in novice sign language learners"

3/22: Tom Donoghue (Columbia University) - "Separating periodic and aperiodic activity to investigate physiology, cognition, and disease"

Fall 2021

10/18: Yong Hoon Chung (Dartmouth College) - "Better memory for simple features when embedded in naturalistic objects"

10/25: Jesse Gomez (Princeton Neuroscience Institute) - "Brain development in visual cortex and beyond"

11/1: Xinming Xu (Dartmouth College) - "Temporal asymmetry in retrodicting and predicting narrative events"

11/15: Marvin Maechler (Dartmouth College) - "Are the attention response functions of the left and right hemispheres independent or not?" & Nathan Heller (Dartmouth College) - "Neural correlates of intentional perception "

12/6: Stephan Meylan (MIT) - "Child-directed listening: How caregivers' cognitive processes enable children’s early verbal communication"

Academic year 2020-2021

Spring 2021

4/15: Heejung Jung (Dartmouth College) & Mohsen Rakshan (Dartmouth College) - "Causal Contribution of Frontal Eye Field to Adaptive Target Selection"

4/29: John Serences (UC San Diego) - "Efficient coding and read-out in visual perception"

5/13: AJ Haskins (Dartmouth College) - "Reduced social attention in autism is modulated by environmental complexity" & Marvin Maechler (Dartmouth College) - "Smooth pursuit over perceived not retinotopic positions of the double-drift stimulus"

5/27: Leyla Isik (Johns Hopkins University) - "The neural basis of social interaction perception"

6/10: Mert Ozkan (Dartmouth College) - "Different spatial transfer of high-level and low-level priming of pop-out with the double-drift illusion" & Sharif Saleki (Dartmouth College) - "Neural correlates of learning strategies in non-generalizable multi-dimensional environments"

6/17: Nathan Heller (Dartmouth College) - "Superposition of ambiguous percepts during passive and volitional perception" & Kirsten Ziman (Dartmouth College) - "Unexpected false feelings of familiarity about faces are associated with increased pupil dilations"

Winter 2021

1/14: Jason Samaha (UC Santa Cruz) - "Spontaneous brain oscillations and perceptual decision making"

2/11: Mary Kieseler (Dartmouth College) - "Lasting faceblindness due to COVID-19" & Daniel Stehr (Dartmouth College) - "Experimental and statistical approaches that improve multivariate pattern classification in rapid event-related fMRI designs"

2/25: Manish Saggar (Stanford University) - "Characterizing brain dynamics at rest and while interacting with others using topological data analysis"

3/11: Yael Niv (Princeton University) - "Carving the world into useful task representations"

Fall 2020

9/24: Graduate student data blitz

10/8: Doug Addelman (Dartmouth College) - "Characterizing conscious and unconscious guidance of spatial attention"

10/22: Mark Lescroart (University of Nevada, Reno) - "Body representations in the brain and bodies in natural visual experience"

11/5: Mehran Moradi (Dartmouth College) - "A neural dynamic approach to study the functional organization of the brain and learning"

11/19: Jiahui Guo (Dartmouth College) - "Predicting individual face-selective topography using naturalistic stimuli" & Lauren Williams (Dartmouth College) - "The invisible breast cancer: Experience does not protect against inattentional blindness to clinically-relevant findings in radiology"

12/3: Ruth Rosenholtz (MIT) - "Capacity limits and how the visual system copes with them"

Academic year 2019-2020

Spring 2020

5/7: Marvin Maechler (Dartmouth College) - "Attentional tracking takes place over perceived rather than physical locations" & Lucy Owen (Dartmouth College) - "What is the dimensionality of human thought?"

5/21: Sarah Herald (Dartmouth College) - "How are faces represented in the visual areas?"

6/4: Kirsten Ziman (Dartmouth College) & Heejung Jung (Dartmouth College)

6/12: Mary Kieseler (Dartmouth College)

Winter 2020

1/30:  Rotem Botvinik-Nezer (Dartmouth College) - "Variability in the analysis of a single fMRI dataset by many teams"

2/13: Tommy Botch (Dartmouth College) - "How colorful is visual experience? Evidence from gaze-contingent virtual reality"

2/20: Giancarlo La Camera (Stonybrook University) - "Cortical computations via metastable activity"

2/27: Mohsen Rakhshan (Dartmouth College) - "Neural substrate underlying computations of volatility and adaptive learning in a complex environment" & Bogden Petre (Dartmouth College) - "Evoked pain intensity representation is distributed throughout the brain"

Fall 2019

9/19: Graduate student data blitz

10/17: Mehran Moradi (Dartmouth College) - "Multiple timescales of neural dynamics and integration of task-relevant signals across cortex"

10/31: Mariam Aly (Columbia University) - "How hippocampal memory shapes, and is shaped by, attention"

11/7: Ratan Murty (MIT) - "Is visual experience necessary for the development of face selectivity in the lateral fusiform gyrus"

11/21: AJ Haskins (Dartmouth College) - "Active vision in immersive, 360° real-world environments: Methods and applications"

Spring 2019

4/10: Shih-Wei Wu (National Yang-Ming University) - "Probability estimation and its neurocomputational substrates"

4/18: Sarah Herald (Dartmouth College) - "What is the role of left-hemisphere face areas?"

5/2: Vassiki Chauhan (Dartmouth College)

5/23: Kay Alfred (Dartmouth College) & Shiva Ghaanifarashahi (Dartmouth College)

5/30: Malinda McPherson (Harvard University) - "Multiple pitch mechanisms in music and speech perception"

Winter 2019

2/21: Sarah Oh (Dartmouth College)

3/14: Jonathan Freeman (NYU) - "More than meets the eye: Split-second social perception"

3/21: Lucy Owen (Dartmouth College) - "Decrypting the neural code"