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Travel Policy Purpose

The purpose of the Dartmouth College Travel Policy is to provide departments, supervisors and other employees with specific guidelines covering College travel and other business expenses.

As a general guideline, it is expected that travelers and individuals approving travel vouchers will interpret this policy in a manner that keeps expenses to a minimum and assigns the costs of business related activities appropriately. The primary responsibility for adherence to these policies rests with the departmental managers or supervisors who are authorizing travel and approving expense reimbursements.

Travelers should also bear in mind that government agencies and other observers may perceive certain expenditures as being either excessive or inappropriate in the context of a regulatory audit, an IRS audit or other similar review of College activities. Thus, moderation and discretion should guide the traveler's decisions when incurring expenses on the College's behalf.

For travel related questions contact the Procurement Office at (603) 646-2811 or by e-mail at To make travel arrangements contact Travel Leaders at (603) 646-3900 or by e-mail at

Last Updated: 5/18/10