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Travelers should use standard accommodations in reasonably priced hotels. It is strongly recommended that all hotel accommodations be arranged through Travel Leaders since they are often able to secure rooms at reduced rates. Travel Leaders has access to consortium hotel discounts and also, where available, access to Ivy Plus consortium hotel rates.

It is beneficial to contact Travel Leaders to make your accommodations so they can contact you in case of an emergency. It is strongly recommended that you use your JPMorganChase Corporate Card when registering at the hotel. The corporate card provides additional theft insurance up to $1,000 for stolen personal property in the event of forced entry. This coverage is not available if you do not use the JPMorganChase Corporate Card.

Since hotel reservations are typically guaranteed to assure lodging for late arrivals, travelers are required to cancel these reservations in a timely manner to prevent “no show” charges. If you require assistance, contact Travel Leaders immediately to avoid “no show” charges. Except under extenuating circumstances, the College will not reimburse expenses due to a traveler's failure to cancel guaranteed room reservations. Guaranteed room reservations made through Travel Leaders require the use of the individual's JPMorganChase Corporate Card or a personal credit card at the time of booking.

When requesting reimbursement, the original itemized hotel bill and the original receipt showing proof of payment must be submitted with the Business Expense Reimbursement Form.

Last Updated: 5/18/10