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Financial Systems


Steps to Gain Access to the Financial Systems

The following steps are required in order to gain access to the Financial System:

Submit a Security Access Form
Your supervisor must fill out a Security Access Form requesting financial system access and must submit the form to your Fiscal Officer for approval.

Submit Confidentiality Agreement Form
You must complete the Confidentiality Agreement to be granted access to the systems.

Usernames will be your NET ID. (This username is different from the username that is required for training.)

Attend Required Training Session(s)
A list of required training can be found on the training page. Discuss with your supervisor and/or fiscal officer which classes you need to take based on your particular responsibilities.To register for the classes please visit Fiscal Services under ABC Signup. (This username is different from the username that is being created for you by Oracle Processing.)


Once all your paperwork has been submitted and you have successfully completed your training, you will be given access to the financial systems.