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D-Pay: Information for Incoming Students

Welcome to Dartmouth and welcome to Campus Billing! 

Here are three things to know about billing and payments as you prepare to begin your studies:


  1. What is D-Pay?  D-Pay is the name of our billing and payment system.  You will view your student account statement and make your payments online.  To make payments online, your bank account must be US-based and be a checking or savings account.  International students may pay their bills by wire or through Flywire.
  2. How does my parent/guardian view my bill?  If you would like parents, guardians or other individuals to view your account statement or make payments to your account, you must first authorize them.  You may have multiple authorized users.  You will access D-Pay through a link in DartHub.  Once authorized by you, parents and others will access D-Pay through a different link.  Click here for both of these links.  New undergraduate students:  Authorize your parents/guardians before August 1, 2018 to ensure they receive an E-mail from the D-Pay system when the Fall Term bill is posted.
  3. When will I be billed and when is my payment due?  Student account statement and billing information is available online.  The D-Pay system is available 24 hours a day.  Billing dates vary by college and program.  Please check here for the billing schedules.


For more information about D-Pay, please click on the links below:

Step-by-step Instructions for Common Tasks in D-Pay

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about D-Pay

Student Account Topics

Campus Billing Home Page


The Campus Billing team is committed to answering your billing and payment questions and assisting you and your and parents (and other authorized payers) in any way possible.

Last Updated: 9/5/18