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Relocation, Moving & Storage Services, Domestic & International

Policy Name: Relocation, Moving & Storage Services, Domestic & International
Effective Date: September 2011
Office with Primary Responsibility: Procurement Services
Offices with Secondary Responsibility: Controller's Office

Policy Summary

Our objective with this policy is to meet the needs of College-required relocation, moving, and storage services with a cost-effective process that provides flexibility for the individual being relocated.

 This policy establishes guidelines for all domestic and international relocation and moving service requirements.

 These guidelines apply to all Dartmouth departments.


  1. To facilitate the best value to the College, departments, and employees by providing a system of College-approved, prequalified firms, with established contract language, established discounted rates, and risk avoidance.
  2.  To outline the process related to Relocation and Moving Services for both fully and partially-covered relocations.

Scope: Who should know this policy?

  1. Any department or individual responsible for hiring new employees;
  2. Any department or individual responsible for procuring relocation and moving services;
  3. Any individual associated with a Finance Center;
  4. Any new employee of Dartmouth College who is eligible for relocation services.

Policy Statement

  1. Please reference the Procure-to-Pay guide for contact information for Approved Contracted Moving Vendors and the Vendor Information Order Form.
  2. Individuals being relocated are encouraged, but not required, to select one of the approved Moving Vendors from the above link. Individuals should contact these vendors directly.
  3. The need for estimates varies with circumstances as outlined in Procedures below.
  4. Approved Moving Vendors will bill directly to Dartmouth as outlined in Procedures below.
  5. Individuals who opt not to use an Approved Moving Vendor must make their own payment arrangements with their vendor of choice and submit a request for reimbursement to the authorizing department.



  1. Dartmouth personnel requiring relocation and/or moving services should communicate directly with Dartmouth's Approved Contracted Moving Vendors as follows:
  2. Please fill out the "Relocation Profile Estimate Form" and make sure to identify your move as a Dartmouth College account.
  3. All moves will require an estimate from at least 2 of the Approved Contracted Moving Vendors.
  4. It is not a requirement that vendor selection be based on the lowest estimate; we recognize that other factors may be important.

Process Flow:

  1. Estimates should be submitted to the authorizing Dartmouth Department Administrator* or your respective Finance Center for approval.
  2. Department Administrators*/Finance Centers should attach estimates (as applicable), and submit a Non-Catalog, Non-Confirming Requisition through eProcurement for processing.

*Employees for the Arts & Sciences division should submit estimates to their Finance Center; the Finance Center will submit the required requisition through eProcurement.

Partial Covered Relocation:

  1. If the cost of the move/relocation is only partially covered by Dartmouth College, the Purchase Order amount should be entered only for the actual portion of the relocation cost to be covered by the College.
  2. Any amount over and above the portion that is to be paid by Dartmouth is the responsibility of the individual and should be paid to the moving company directly by the individual.

Exclusions / Exceptions

Individual/New Employee Option for Using Non-Approved Vendors:

Individuals may choose to utilize a moving vendor outside of Dartmouth's Pre-Approved list; however, the individual must make their own payment arrangements with the vendor, and then submit expenses to the authorizing department for approval and reimbursement. These moves should NOT be handled through a Dartmouth College Purchase Order.

Contacts / Responsibilities

Procurement Services
Arlene Marsh
Phone: 603-646-3435

Last Updated: 6/11/12