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Procurement Sole Source/Competitive Bid Policy

Policy Summary

This policy will outline the requirements for competitive bids on goods and services purchased by the College.

Reason for Policy

Procurement Services personnel, as agents of the College are responsible for the procurement of materials, equipment and services from the most reliable sources. The procurement process involves researching and negotiating with vendors to acquire the products at the best competitive pricing, while considering quality, delivery and service. This policy calls for obtaining the best bids based on prices and other pertinent factors related to the specific purchase. The policy explains the three threshold levels that have been established to promote competitive bidding and increase efficiency of the procurement process. The policy also includes the process for making sole source purchases.


The Sole Source Justification Form must be completed for goods or services purchased from a single source or when the supplier offering the lowest bid is not accepted. The Form can be found at the following website:


For complete policy, click here.

Last Updated: 7/24/18