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Student Billing News Bulletins

Last updated: September 18, 2014

D-Pay is changing. Behind the scenes, D-Pay is powered by Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae was acquired by Higher One. Here's what it means to you:

Billing and Payments:

Bills and payments will continue in D-Pay just as they are today. Early in the Fall 2014 term, the branding will change from "Sallie Mae" to "Higher One."

On August 24, 2014, the link to access D-Pay for Other Payers (Parents) has changed. Parents or other payers clicking on the former link will be re-directed to the new link. Students will continue to access D-Pay through Banner. Both links are found here.

Student Account Refunds:

Students with student account refunds will continue to request refunds through the "Refund Request" link in Banner Self-service. Starting on June 23, 2014 refunds will be provided by check from Dartmouth (rather than via ACH/direct deposit or check through Sallie Mae).

For step-by-step instructions on how to request a student account refund, please click here.

In the Spring 2015 term, the option for ACH/direct deposit of student account refunds will return. Paper refund checks are in interim solution as the college upgrades the D-Pay system.

Tuition Payment Plan:

The Academic Year 2014-2015 10-month tuition payment plan will be offered through Sallie Mae.

On September 22, 2014, the site will be branded as "Higher One." There is no change to the link or the parent/third-party payer username and password.

Last Updated: 1/6/15