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Permitted Mailings

Permitted Mail Procedure for Dartmouth College

If you are planning a mailing using an external printer or mail vendor that will use the college permit refer to the following:

  • Email (Controllers Office) and (DPMS) with the following info:
    • Mail House – which approved vendor is the mail coming from?
    • Contact Info – your name, phone, department
    • Description/job name of mailing
    • Which permit is the mailing using? - permit #2 (first class) permit #3 (3rd class)
    • What is the estimated or actual cost of the postage? - your vendor will be able to provide this info given the quantity, size, and weight of the piece
    • Dartmouth College Account String – to be charged for the postage.  The Controller's Office will charge the provided account string after the mailing has been completed.
    • Estimated or actual mailing date
  • Send the above info once you have approved the printing of the pieces you are going to mail. At this point the piece is finalized and it will allow a 3-5 day lead time while the pieces are being printed and prepared for mailing to add money to the permit (if needed).

Following this process is essential for the Controllers Office to charge departments for postage on permitted mailings. Following this process will also ensure there is enough money in the permit for mailings to go out when requested. Failure to follow this procedure can result in there not being enough money in the permit(s) to cover the mailing.  We appreciate your help in making this process smoother for everyone. For more info and help with mail ordering process please visit or

Last Updated: 7/24/18