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Rental Cars Frequently Asked Questions


Why are we changing preferred rental car companies?
A Customer Procurement Team (CPT), including representatives from high-use departments across the institution, sought to obtain greater overall value in a rental car vendor for Dartmouth. The CPT actively participated in vendor bids, review, and the negotiation process. Following a comprehensive review, Enterprise Holdings was selected for its outstanding service for renters, its numerous locations (7,500+ worldwide), competitive pricing, and best total cost.

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What is the background of the Primary preferred car rental vendor?
Enterprise Holdings (including both Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental, with which we are contracting) is the largest rental car company in the United States, with 7,500+locations worldwide and a fleet of 1.1 million cars. Both Enterprise and National are located at most major airports; Enterprise offers many off-airport locations as well (with pickup & drop-off available). National is focused on airport locations and more oriented to the frequent traveller.

By enrolling in Enterprise Holdings’ membership with the Emerald Club, travelers are covered by both National and Enterprise locations.

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How can we make sure we are getting the best rate and total cost?
Enterprise/National has offered 'best price functionality' without loss of corporate benefits. When making a reservation through Travel Leaders, the renter will get the best rate available at the location, which may be lower than the contracted 'corporate' rate. For Dartmouth business rentals, Enterprise/ National has also waived fees such as underage driver, additional drivers, energy recovery fee, and they have included collision coverage, significantly lowering total costs.

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 What kind of insurance is included in the rental car and is it included for personal use also?
Dartmouth covers all travelers on College business for both collision and liability. On top of this, for domestic rentals (all 50 states), Enterprise/National covers collision (saving Dartmouth and its departments money if an accident occurs). ONLY for International rentals should the renter get liability and collision coverage (at the rental location). For more information regarding international vehicle rental please visit: Collision damage waiver insurance is NOT covered in personal rentals.

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Are there special requirements, to rent a car for Dartmouth business?
Per Dartmouth’s Approved Driver Policy, only properly authorized employees and students may operate College owned, leased or rented vehicles, for official College business. All employees and student drivers must be named on the College Approved Drivers list maintained by
Parking & Transportation Services and must complete the Driver Safety Program currently being offered.

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What do I do, to book my rental car for Dartmouth business or for personal travel?
Local Travel

For business travel that originates and ends in Hanover, or one-way regional travel, book with: Vox cars

Business Travel beyond our region

It is Dartmouth's policy to book through Travel Leaders: Travel Leaders, both for best price and to provide the traveler with notice & support in case of natural disasters, political upheavals or emergencies of any sort. Travel Leaders will obtain the lowest Enterprise or National rate for your location, dates, and car class in one search. They will also include your air travel information for car and hotels to protect your reservations in case of delays.

If you book independently for business, you will need to input the Dartmouth business rental ID XZ10001, search best rates, decide on Enterprise or National, and book the reservation. If you use Travel Leaders, those steps will be taken for you.

To ensure premium service and to accrue points for free travel or rentals, please obtain your Emerald Club number before booking any travel. To obtain your Emerald Club number please register at

NOTE: Travelers need to include the Dartmouth account number XZ10001 in their Emerald Club profiles to obtain Dartmouth’s rates, waived fees, preferred status, and other benefits.

Dartmouth business rental costs reflect discounted corporate rates, waived fees (underage, additional driver, energy surcharge), collision insurance (CDW) included, plus Emerald Club benefits.

If traveler(s) are 25 years or older, Enterprise discounted retail personal rates could be less expensive than our corporate rate, using the Dartmouth personal ID XZ10433. ( Dartmouth personal rental costs include discounted corporate rates, waived fees (additional driver, energy surcharge) plus Emerald Club benefits. Collision is not included, and underage fees are not waived for personal rentals.)

Personal Travel

Rental car reservations may be made directly though National (800) 227-7368, or Enterprise (800) 736-8222 (the Enterprise website requires a PIN: DAR). Please use the Dartmouth personal ID XZ10433 to access the rates, plus your Emerald Club ID.

Dartmouth personal rental costs include discounted corporate rates, waived fees (additional driver, energy surcharge) plus Emerald Club benefits. Collision is not included, and underage fees are not waived for personal rentals.

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Are there any fees associated with drivers under the age of 25?
Enterprise/National has agreed to waive the $25/day fee for under-aged drivers (aged 18-24) renting U.S.-domestic rentals (including VOX) on College business.  Underage fees are waived for travelers aged 21 - 24 for personal rentals.

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Have other fees been waived under this new agreement with Enterprise/National?
Enterprise/National has also agreed to waive additional drivers fees and energy recovery fees, and local pick-ups or drop-offs are complimentary with Enterprise.

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Do the benefits of our partnership with Enterprise/National extend to Alumni and Parents? What about students? Personal use?
Faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, and visitors may access the advantageous Dartmouth rates from Enterprise or National for personal use by using the Dartmouth personal ID XZ10433 ) when making the reservation. These rentals cannot be direct-billed to the College and there is no collision damage waiver insurance coverage on personal rentals. See Questions 6 – Personal Travel for more information.

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Do I have to book my business travel through the contracted Travel Service?
No, but it is highly recommended to use the contracted travel service (Travel Leaders), for the following reasons. Most important, in case of natural disaster, pandemic, geo-political upheaval, or catastrophic failures, the travel service will be able to alert you and your department, provide support, assistance or recovery actions rapidly because they have your whole travel itinerary and very current information about critical circumstances affecting you and your travel.

Further, the travel service will assist you in getting the best rates available for your date, location, and particular travel requirements. By utilizing our contracted preferred suppliers, the travel service helps us keep our total costs very low by avoiding the many costs which our preferred suppliers do not charge us, and by aggregating our volume and having visibility of our total dollar volume.

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Will I incur a travel fee when making a reservation with Enterprise/National through Travel Leaders?
Yes, if using Travel Leaders for business travel, these travel service fees are paid for by Dartmouth, NOT the department. Travel Leaders service fees will be paid for by the individual when traveling on personal business. There is no fee if an individual makes a reservation directly, but it is highly recommended to use Travel Leaders to book business travel, for the reasons in question 10.

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Do I have to be an approved driver to rent a car for College business?
Yes; please note: Dartmouth’s travel policy is being updated to reflect this requirement.

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Roadside Assistance- what is covered? How does it work, and how long should it take? Will I get reimbursed by the College if there are charges?
Basically, mechanical and product/ manufacturing workmanship failures are covered. "Driver-related" failures may incur additional fees, which vary slightly based on geographic location. This is an industry-standard approach. If you have to pay for a repair, the College will reimburse the costs of repair.

Customers in need of emergency road service in North America may call a dedicated 24-hour roadside assistance line. Instructions for contacting the roadside assistance line are included in the rental agreement provided at the counter. For Emerald Club members who choose to bypass the counter and proceed directly to the vehicle, the instructions will be located on the driver's visor.

Because each traveler's roadside assistance needs are different it is very difficult to provide specific response times for service. For example, in a metropolitan area, a tire change, lock out assistance, or jump starts, generally take 45 to 90 minutes. Assistance in remote areas could require a longer response time. The traveler will receive an estimated time of arrival when reporting their need for assistance.

AAA is the primary responder for roadside assistance and should be called first, but if the rental branch from which you rented can facilitate a faster response, they will do so. If not drivable, Enterprise and National will replace the vehicle as quickly as possible.

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What steps should I take if I get in an accident while on Dartmouth business?
Dartmouth’s Office of Risk and Internal Controls Services offers clear guidance at Dartmouth's accident policy .

The Risk and Internal Conrols Office has advised that If the vehicle is a VOX vehicle immediately report the accident to the VOX office 603-646-1VOX(1869)

If another vehicle is involved make sure to get the driver, owner and insurance company information.

Please note that state laws often impose a requirement on drivers involved in accidents to complete a report to the state motor vehicle department if damage exceeds a specified amount [NH has a $1,000 threshold]. Drivers need to be mindful of this state mandated duty, file the paperwork and send a copy to Risk and Internal Controls Services.

If the traveler’s sponsoring department has further instructions, the traveler is advised to follow them as well.

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If my flight is delayed, will the Enterprise/National rental location still have my car?
When the renter books the trip through Travel Leaders, the rental location will be informed of any delays and will keep the rental active.

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Can I have E-Z-Pass included in my rental?
Dartmouth does not pay for the E-Z-Pass device. If it is desired, a renter needs to request E-Z-Pass. If the device is requested, the renter will be charged a minimal daily fee (currently $1.99/day with Enterprise/National, higher with other rental companies), plus the toll charges, which will be billed directly to the renter’s credit card when invoiced by the toll management company.

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Last Updated: 7/24/18