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Regiomontanus' Defensio Theonis

Regiomontanus Defensio Theonis

This project offers a digital edition of the longest astronomical text written in fifteenth-century Europe. Previously unpublished and extant in a single, autograph manuscript, Regiomontanus's Defensio Theonis contra Trapezuntium (or Defense of Theon against George of Trebizond) offers a polemically charged survey of the astronomical and natural philosophical worlds of Ptolemy's Almagest.

Occom Circles

The Occom Circle

The Occom Circle is a digital scholarly edition of the works by and about Samson Occom (1727-1792) housed in the archives at Dartmouth College. A Mohegan Indian, Christian missionary, intertribal leader, and public intellectual, Occom was the most important Indian writer in 18th century North America. The Dartmouth holdings represent about half of his extant work, as well as a wealth of primary materials pertaining to him and his circle. These include documents relating to Eleazar Wheelock, founder of an Indian Charity School in Lebanon, CT, with whom Occom studied; Occom’s fundraising tour of England and Scotland for Wheelock’s School; its removal to Hanover, NH, where it became Dartmouth College; and Occom’s tribal advocacy and associations with other public figures of his day.

Oral History Project

Dartmouth College Oral History Project

Emphasizing the voices least represented in the archival record, the College’s oral history program documents events and issues that have shaped Dartmouth College and altered or challenged the direction and identity of the institution.

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