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Sketches of the Alumni of Dartmouth College

From the First Graduation in 1771 to the Present Time
With a Brief History of the Institution

Rev. George T. Chapman, D.D.


In 1867, the Rev. George T. Chapman, Class of 1804, published his compilation of biographical sketches for graduates of Dartmouth College. The volume contains entries for most graduates from the classes of 1771 through 1867, but does not include Dartmouth Medical School alumni, nor non-graduates of the undergraduate College. In most cases, Chapman was able to provide birth and death dates and places, parents, education and career information.

The particular copy of Chapman's Sketches reproduced here was the property of John M. Comstock, Class of 1877, who for many years served as the statistical secretary of the Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College. The additions and annotations are his.