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LESLEY LEE FRANCIS, the granddaughter of Robert Frost, served for many years on the professional staff of the American Association of University Professors.

WALTER A. BACKOFEN is a former Professor of Metallurgy and Materials Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, now indulging in local history interests.

DICK HOEFNAGEL is Professor of Maternal and Child Health (Pediatrics) Emeritus.

VIRGINIA L. CLOSE is Humanities and Social Sciences Reference Bibliographer Emerita, and Editor Emerita of this journal.

LOIS A. KRIEGER recently retired as Humanities and Social Sciences Reference Bibliographer. She will, fortunately, remain as senior editor of this journal.

KENNETH C. CRAMER is College Archivist Emeritus.

PHILIP N. CRONENWETT (P. N. C.) is Special Collections Librarian.

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