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Dartmouth College Library Bulletin

Issued twice annually, in November and April by Dartmouth College Library, Hanover, New Hampshire 03755-3525. Permission to reprint is hereby granted, but an indication of the source is requested. Correspondence may be addressed to the Editors, Room 115, Baker Library

Editors: Lois A. Krieger and Philip N. Cronenwett

2000 - November (vol. XLI), April (vol. XL)

1999 - November (vol. XL), April (vol. XXXIX)

Index Volumes XXXVII-XXXIX, November 1996 to April 1999

1998 - November (vol. XXXIX), April (vol. XXXVIII)

1997 - November (vol. XXXVIII), April (vol. XXXVII)

1996 - November (vol. XXXVII), April (vol. XXXVI)

1995 - November (vol. XXXVI), April (vol. XXXV)

1994 - November (vol. XXXV), April "Essays on Vermont and New Hampshire in honor of Virginia Lee Close" (vol. XXXIV)

1993 - November (vol. XXXIV), April (vol. XXXIII)

1992 - November (vol. XXXIII), April (vol. XXXII)

1991 - November (vol. XXXII), April (vol. XXXI)

1990 - November (vol. XXXI), April (vol. XXX)

1989 - November (vol. XXX)

Older issues will appear as they are scanned and formatted.