Dartmouth College Library Bulletin


ALAN T. GAYLORD is Henry Winkley Professor of Anglo-Saxon and English Language and Literature and serves as the Chair of the Council on the Libraries.

JACK W. C. HAGSTROM is Professor Emeritus of Pathology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Director Emeritus of the Department of Pathology at Harlem Hospital Center. He served as chair of the Friends of the Amherst College Library for seventeen years as is now Chairman Emeritus of that organization.

LOIS A . KRIEGER is Humanities and Social Sciences Reference Bibliographer, Baker Library.

KIMBERLY KING ZEA is Rare Books Specialist, Special Collections.

THOMAS A. BARNICO 1977 is Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Issued by the Dartmouth College Libraries (Baker Library and associated libraries), Hanover, New Hampshire. Permission to reprint is hereby granted, but an indication of the source would be greatly appreciated. Correspondence may be addressed to the

Editor, Room 115, Baker Library
Published twice annually, November and April.
Editor Emerita: Virginia L. Close

Editors of the issue: Virginia L. Close and Lois A. Kreiger