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Office of the Registrar

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Office of the Registrar
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Phone: (603) 646-2246
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ORC Guides for Editors and Reviewers

Quick Reference Guide - Department/Program Chairs (PDF)

Quick Reference Guide - Department/Program Administrators (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions






What is my net id?

Typically, this is your Dartmouth id number with a “D” in front of it. You use this to log into the ORC/Catalog system to make edits. If you need assistance in obtaining your net id, contact computing support for your area.

Do I need to be on campus to make the edits?

No, the ORC can be accessed via the web. As long as there is web access, changes and approvals can be made.

What information is in the ORC/Catalog?

Information that was in the 2011 ORC has been transferred to the 2012 preview ORC.

What is the role of the "Reviewer"?

The Reviewer approves all the changes that are made in a department/program before they are submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Who may be the *Reviewer* for my department or program?

The Chair has been pre‐assigned this role. However, if the Chair wishes to select a faculty designate instead, please ask the Chair to send me an email and I will set up the account for the new designate.

Does the Reviewer need to approve each edit that I make?

No, it is not necessary however your department/program can structure it that way; it's up to you to decide. The Reviewer can wait until all edits are made for the entire department/program and then just submit to the Registrar with one click if that is how your department/program wishes to manage the process. Or, the Reviewer can do approvals in segments – the system will allow each department/program to submit edits according to their own preference as long as all edits are submitted by the due date.

What happens after I submit the materials?

The approval process flows in this manner: Editor submits to Reviewer who submits to Registrar. For example: Once the editor has completed any edits and submits them to the Reviewer, the materials are locked and no more changes can be made by the editor. If there are no changes, the reviewer approves them and submits them. If there are changes to be made, the editor will “reject” the change and send it back to the editor. The process will then repeat – make the edit, submit to Reviewer, Reviewer approves the change, and submits materials. Again, this can be done once by the Reviewer who may submit all materials at the same time. Once the reviewer has submitted the materials, the Registrar’s office performs a final review.

If the Registrar requires changes to the materials after they are submitted and "locked," how do edits get made?

If the Registrar has spoken with you about some needed edits after submission, the materials will be “rejected” and sent back to the department/program for clarification/edits/etc. Examples would include if there is an inconsistency in cross list information, or a distributive question, etc.

How will I know if any changes are made by the Registrar’s Office during the proofing process?

If there are late changes (as in the past no new major changes can be added, at this point) that need to take place after the materials have been submitted, contact the Registrar’s office and if necessary we will “unlock” the materials so that the editor can make the needed changes. Then, repeat the approval process.

Are the Undergraduate and Graduate courses for my department together?

Graduate programs and course descriptions each have their own section. Undergraduate programs and course descriptions, and Graduate programs section and course descriptions, so be sure to edit both sections if your department has both.

What resources are available if I have other questions?

Send questions to The catalog is supported by a vendor so Dartmouth's ‘help desk’ will not have access to the system. The reference guides will be posted on the Registrar's website. Can I get one‐on‐one help? Absolutely! Just contact the Registrar’s office and we will set up time to get together. This offer also extends to Chairs or their designates.

Last Updated: 8/29/12