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Frequently asked questions about the online ORC/Catalog.


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A guide for what information to enter in what course information entry tool.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Dartmouth have a print ORC/Catalog?

While there is no central printing of the ORC/Catalog, .pdf versions of past ORC/Catalogs are available on the Registrar's website and may be printed.


How do I print the ORC/Catalog?

  • To print a single page in the current catalog: on the top right of each page of the ORC/Catalog, there is a "print this page" button, select that and your single page will print.

  • To print selected pages or the entire ORC/Catalog .pdf: on the left side of the ORC/Catalog select "Printable Version" to bring you to a .pdf of the current ORC/Catalog where you may print the entire document or just the pages that you need by navigating through the .pdf.

  • NOTE:  if you have access to the SmartCatalog system, also see the Guide for "Printing the Catalog using the SmartCatalog system."


Are there tools to assist with locating content?

Yes. There is a search bar on the ORC/Catalog website and a Table of Contents and an Index may be found in the "Printable Version" within past ORC/Catalog .pdfs. Select CTRL+F to search by keyword in these older versions. The current ORC/Catalog is searchable by entering keywords in the Catalog Search box anywhere within the catalog.


How do I update a course’s description in the ORC/Catalog?

To update a course description you have to use DCARS and select the Update Course option. For in-depth instructions, please see the Registrar’s Office’s DCARS guide on Update Courses Proposal.


The cross-list in the ORC/Catalog is not correct, how do I fix this?

If the cross-list was recently approved in DCARS but is not showing up in the ORC/Catalog or the information is incorrect, please reach out to our office at


How do I remove a course from the OCR/Catalog?

There are two methods for removing a course from the ORC/Catalog. The first is locating the course in the Content Editor. Select the Lock and Edit link and then at the top of the menu bar, expand the Edit window by clicking the widget, and then click To be Removed. The second method only works when a course page is in the Workbox. If a course has been edited and submitted for review, the reviewer can select the To be Removed link beneath the course information.


How do I re-add a course to the ORC/Catalog that has not changed since it was removed?

Use the Reinstate No Change (RNC) function in DCARS to add a course back into the ORC/Catalog that has no changes since it was last offered. For more information, please see the Registrar’s Office DCARS guide on Reinstate No Change (RNC) Proposal.


How do I add a new course to the ORC/Catalog?

To add a new course to the ORC/Catalog you have to go through DCARS and select the New Course option. For more information on how to add a new course with DCARS, please see the Registrar’s Office DCARS guide on New Course Proposal.


Last Updated: 11/1/23