Dartmouth's Project Management Services team manages the full life-cycle of construction projects on campus. Following are details on how to initiate and gain approval for our capital projects.

Starting a Capital Project

The successful delivery of capital projects requires the consensus agreement of an informed administrative team. When first considering a new project, contact the PDC professionals who can walk you through the early phases of program development, planning, and feasibility.

Campus Design

These principles guide design professionals for new building and landscape projects.

Capital Project Milestones

Dartmouth Trustees have defined four project milestones that mark significant stages for each project whose cost exceeds $10M. Trustee approval is required at each of these milestones which are associated with specific funding targets and project phases.


We are fortunate to work with professionals from other College departments and a number of local and regional contractors who provide experience, technical expertise, and manpower to our construction projects. This section provides specific guildelines and forms for our partners to work successfully on Dartmouth projects.

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