Our Planning team is responsible for planning and implementing the long-term vision for the use and development of campus lands. We work collaboratively with the campus community to guide campus growth and support its development as a healthy and vibrant live-work-learn environment. And, we work in partnership with the town and maintain strong relationships with our Upper Valley communities.


Campus Planning is often the Dartmouth community's first contact for information related to the four major topical areas below. In addition, we:

  • maintain, update and verify the accuracy of Dartmouth's space inventory and ArcGIS systems, including current building
  • room and floor square footage, and drawings for current and historical buildings;
  • provide planning and functional programming for new capital projects, renovations, and space adjustments;
  • review land use and space requests, working to ensure the best possible use of campus land and spaces;
  • develop move and swing space strategies;
  • develop policies that provide incentives to efficiently utilize campus space; and
  • provide support for land use, transportation, zoning and regional development initiatives;

We have a wealth of information and professionals who can respond to your questions and informational needs. Feel free to contact us at Campus.planning@dartmouth.edu 

Master Planning

Dartmouth College is developing a new strategic master plan to guide the next 30 years of development and preservation of its buildings, landscape and open spaces.

Space Management

We work with departments to create and update space plans and reports based on building measurements and project information. We maintain floor plans and space data for buildings currently owned or leased by Dartmouth.


Campus planning develops and updates a wide range of maps that support general orientation, technical site planning, transportation and parking, mobility routes, building plans, historical maps, etc.

Mobile map: Navigate Dartmouth with this comprehensive, searchable map, optimized for use on internet-enabled mobile devices.
Printable map: (3.1 MB PDF file, optimized for 11”x17” print size)
Google Maps: Dartmouth and the Upper Valley

Landscape and Wayfinding

Requests for landscaping, signage, lighting, or other outdoor furnishings should be sent to the planning team. Requests are approved by the Landscape and Wayfinding Committee which meets monthly.

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