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Student Library Service Bookplate Program

The work our Student Assistants undertake at the Dartmouth College Library is integral to its success. Without their dedication to service, many departments in the Library would literally grind to a halt! Our Student Assistants bring an energy and perspective that enriches all aspects of the Library’s work and we are grateful for the hours our students share with us out of their busy lives.

We honor our graduating Student Assistants with the Student Library Service Bookplate Program, the details of which are outlined below.

We thank each and every Student Assistant, past, present and in the future, for their service to the Dartmouth College Library and, subsequently, to the College as a whole.

2019 Student Library Service Bookplate Program selections

Student Library Service Bookplate Program

==> What is it?
The Library honors the service of every graduating Student Assistant in the spring of each year. Each graduating Student Assistant, both undergraduate and graduate, is invited to select a book or other item that will become part of the Library's collection. The item will receive a bookplate that acknowledges the student's selection and honors the student's service to the Library. We look forward to celebrating the year's graduating Student Assistants and their selections with a display in the Library during Commencement Week.

==> Who is eligible?
Any graduating student who has worked at least two terms in any Library department in the past two years, is eligible.

==> What material may be chosen?
We hope that Student Assistants will chose materials -- books, CDs, DVDs, scores, etc -- that are meaningful to them and that they would like to see in the Library. While we would be happy to duplicate items already in the Library's collections, we suggest that students check the Library Catalog for titles we do not have, and submit a list of three top choices, in case the student's first choice is not available.

==> What will the bookplate say?
In recognition of [student's name] Dartmouth College Class of 20XX
For service to the Dartmouth College Library

==> For RWIT tutors and Writing Assistants, the bookplate will say:
In recognition of [student's name] Dartmouth College Class of 20XX
For service to the Student Center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology
and to the Writing Assistance Program