Requesting Digital Images

(Prices and Policies Effective 11/28/2022)

Rauner Special Collections Library provides both research-quality and publication-quality reproduction services for those needing scans of special collections materials. We are unable to provide paper photocopies or physical prints of any of the materials in our collection. However, there are many retail print shops or business supply centers that can easily generate hard copies from digital files.

Research-Quality Scans:

  • We are happy to provide 200 color pdf scans per researcher for no charge.
  • Additional scans can be made on-site in our reading room for free by researchers or their proxies. Please contact us in advance for more details.

Publication-Quality Scans:

  • We can create up to 20 publication-quality images per researcher. If you will need more than 20 publication-quality scans, please contact Morgan Swan, the Special Collections Librarian for Teaching and Scholarly Engagement.
  • We do not charge use fees, but there is a labor cost for each scan:
    • Dartmouth affiliates and federally-funded projects or organizations: $5 per scan.
    • Non-Dartmouth researchers: $20 per scan

How to Request Scans:

  • Please submit requests in person or via e-mail.
  • If requesting publication-quality scans, please complete and submit this form.

Please remember that the scans we supply are intended for your personal research use only. If you plan to publish images of materials in our collection, please review our Publication Permission website. Our Copyright Information webpage contains additional information on displaying, reproducing, or publishing copies of items from the collection.

We understand that this process can seem complicated. If you have any questions, please contact Rauner's Reference Team.