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About the Archives

The College Archives documents the history of the College through the historical records of the institution, the three professional schools: Dartmouth Medical School (1769), Thayer School of Engineering (1867), and Amos Tuck School of Business Administration (1900), and the once-affiliated institutions of Moor's Charity School, and the Chandler School of Science and the Arts (1853-1894). The archives also document the history of the surrounding area through selected collections related to local businesses and organizations, including the Hanover Town Records. Student life and faculty work and research are represented through student organizations and selected collections of personal papers of students and faculty.

The Photographic Records Catalog is a collection of thousands of images that are a visual record of Dartmouth College life (locale, people, and events). These images were created by College Photographers Adrian N. Bouchard (1938-1976), Stuart Bratesman (1985-1993), Joseph Mehling (1993-2011), Eli Burakian (2011-present)  & Robert Gill (2015 - present). Only images from ca. 2000 will be viewable online, though text descriptions of most images are available by searching the collection. Please note the call number of any image that you wish to use in your project.

The College Archives' Oral History Program collects oral history interviews, both audiotapes and transcripts when available, with past presidents, administrators and staff, faculty, alumni, and students.