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Transferring Records to the Archives

Office or administrative records of the College that are deemed to have historical value are transferred to the College Archives. The determination of archival value is based on the Archives Collection Development Policy and the Archives Selection Policy.

The designation of records as archival is part of the Records Management retention scheduling process. An office or department may request that a records series be given an archival designation. This request will be reviewed by the Records Retention Committee and the College Archivist. If the records are determined to have historical value they will be transferred to the College Archives at the end of their retention period.

Once the records are transferred to the Archives they will not be returned to the Office or Department, and will have to be used in the Rauner Special Collections Library. At this point they also become open to the public for research unless they contain personally identifiable data that could be harmful to individuals or is restricted by Federal Law. In addition, the Archives reserve the right to discard materials within a series after transfer.

For more information regarding series and retention schedules please see the Records Management Manual.