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Digital Preservation

Preservation Services, in coordination with the Digital Library Technologies Group and Computing, is responsible for the long-term management and access of digital materials owned by the Library for the benefit of the Dartmouth Community.  Dartmouth College is a member of Portico, LOCKSS, HathiTrustDPN and the National Digital Stewardship Alliance.  The Dartmouth College Library Digital Preservation Policy is available for review.

The field of digital preservation is ever changing.  Here are links to some of the resources that are monitored by Preservation Services staff:

Videos about digital preservation:

  • Why Digital Preservation Is Important for Everyone.  Library of Congress.  This video explores how digital content depends on technology to make it available and requires active management to ensure its ongoing accessibility.
  • Team Digital Preservation.  Digital Preservation Europe.  Team Digital Preservation saves the world from disaster caused by the work of Team Chaos.
  • BagIt. Library of Congress.  This video explains a method for preparing and moving digital content over a network.  We are using BagIt at the Library to locally store our digital master files.
  • Web Archiving  Library of Congress.  This video examines the challenges of preserving web content to provide permanent access to these materials.

For information about preserving your personal digital materials, please visit the Library of Congress’ Personal Archiving page.